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Published 7/26/2008 by Theo Hua in Computing

So my ISP,, had it out with Verizon, the DSL backbone provider, over the past couple of days.  According to Avvanta, Verizon had a faulty DS3 card that needed replacement.

So I'm wondering what is a DS3 card?   So I popped the term into Live Search and found the Cisco documentation on replacing a DS3 I/O card.  The following figure is a what a DS3 I/O card looks like:

Cisco DS3 Card


I should say that I'm no network engineer, so please do not take the information here as being completely accurate. 

But if my research is accurate, oh the irony that a little 12 cm piece of fiberglass and resin would bring the network to its knees. Laughing

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7/27/2008 9:28:45 AM #

At least it you're not on comcast!

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