I'm Baaaaack!

Published 6/28/2012 by Theo Hua in General

Wow, my last post was well over two years ago. Time to update the engine and climb back up on the horse to try this activity called writing again. Laughing

Cellular Coverage

Published 4/9/2010 by Theo Hua in General

Ever wonder how close one is to a cell tower? With http://www.antennasearch.com/ you can find out.

I was having trouble with my provider and I wanted to know how close I was to my provider's towers. Pop in a United States based address and soon enough, the results will map out where the towers are and if there are any permits on file for new tower construction.

 As for my results, I'm in a small deadzone. Cry

This strip made me smile; a lot! The story reminds me when I bought Magna Carta 2 for my wife as a wedding anniversary gift. Smile

VG Cats #278 : The Perfect Gift


I hope everyone has had a Happy New Year and that the year has started off on a good note. I have a few new challenges this year as well as revisiting some old ones.

First, I would like to share more of what is on my mind, both technically and creatively via this blog.  I really have no idea how much traffic this blog receives, but my wife encourages me to write here since writing is not a strong point for me.  She hopes that by my writing in this blog, I can learn to express myself more clearly.

As for revisiting ongoing challenges, time management is one, organizing my home is another one; as well as furthering my career.  I finished my Bachelors of Science in Information Technology from the University of Phoenix at the end of last summer.  Now that I have a better understanding systems development, I hope I can grow my current Software Testing Engineer career into a Software Developer Engineer in Test. Ultimately, my goal is to lead a small team of testers in delivering a robust software product with comprehensive test coverage while meeting product deadlines. That is an ongoing challenge in the software industry that I would like to undertake.

Here’s to the next twelve months! Smile

To fly an airplane

Published 6/8/2009 by Theo Hua in General

You know you should start looking into pursuing a passion when you're up at 03:00 running Microsoft Flight Simulator practicing take offs and landings. Laughing

No, I don't work for Aperture Science. Laughing 

I just felt like posting that this blog is still alive and I have stuff to talk about.  My goals this summer range from geeky to mundane.  I plan on writing about the more geeky topics; the mundane ones are, mundane.

The short list of projects this summer include restoring a Neo-Geo arcade cabinent, a Star Wars pinball machine, and writing about the planning that I have doing for the home network.  In addition, I want to write about my experiences with bringing a lightweight photo gallery online for this site.  I am moving away from having the photos and pictures I have embedded in this blog and giving them a separate gallery for them to live in.  I decided to use the Gallery2 engine and I will write later how I came about to using that engine from the many others out there.

In addition, if I was not busy enough, I am going to write up entries about programming topics.  I need  to refresh my programming skills and I figured writing up lessons and explaining the topics will help me solidify my understanding.

This will be a very busy summer. Cool

Tonight, the final episode Stargate Atlantis will air on the SciFi channel.  I did enjoy the show during its five season run.  I hope that the direct to DVD movies and the next Stargate series, Stargate Universe, will do well. 

Hooray for my wife who bought me the first two seasons of Stargate Atlantis on DVD this past Christmas.  She knows me all too well. Smile

 I tried to vist Gateworld, the best place for Stargate news, but it would appear, all of the other fans are giving the web servers a run for their money. Frown

Happy New Year!

Published 1/5/2009 by Theo Hua in General

Happy New Year Everyone! 

Let's see if I can make a better effort to keep this blog updated! Laughing

Attention Please!

Published 8/13/2008 by Theo Hua in General

Attention Please! recounts the journey of a young tomboy, MISAKI Youko (played by UETO Aya), who strives to be a Cabin Attendant for Japan AirLines (JAL). Admittedly, I did not know if I could watch the show because the first episode was so over the top.  I had to pause the program half way and come back to it after a while.  I am glad that I did come back and watch the rest of the eleven part series.

I particularly enjoyed watching this drama because of the flying aspect.  I could identify with one of the characters' love of flying.  This will sound corny, but the show has motivated me to pursue a dream of mine - to become a private pilot.  This goal will take me a couple of years to achieve, but I really want to fly. 

As for the rest of the show, I found it to be endearing and Tarra enjoyed looking at the various JAL Cabin Attendant uniforms from JAL's past during the closing credits.  Here is a wiki page summarizing the show http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Attention_Please.  As for finding the show, one can find the show on CrunchyRoll or via BitTorrent.


Week Off From School

Published 7/16/2008 by Theo Hua in General

Yay!  I have a short break from school.  I start up again next Tuesday, but I could use the break.  I was becoming a little singed on the edges from going non-stop with school for the past two years.Cry

This little reprieve should allow me to catch up on side projects and sleep! Cool

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