No, I don't work for Aperture Science. Laughing 

I just felt like posting that this blog is still alive and I have stuff to talk about.  My goals this summer range from geeky to mundane.  I plan on writing about the more geeky topics; the mundane ones are, mundane.

The short list of projects this summer include restoring a Neo-Geo arcade cabinent, a Star Wars pinball machine, and writing about the planning that I have doing for the home network.  In addition, I want to write about my experiences with bringing a lightweight photo gallery online for this site.  I am moving away from having the photos and pictures I have embedded in this blog and giving them a separate gallery for them to live in.  I decided to use the Gallery2 engine and I will write later how I came about to using that engine from the many others out there.

In addition, if I was not busy enough, I am going to write up entries about programming topics.  I need  to refresh my programming skills and I figured writing up lessons and explaining the topics will help me solidify my understanding.

This will be a very busy summer. Cool

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