Attention Please!

Published 8/13/2008 by Theo Hua in General

Attention Please! recounts the journey of a young tomboy, MISAKI Youko (played by UETO Aya), who strives to be a Cabin Attendant for Japan AirLines (JAL). Admittedly, I did not know if I could watch the show because the first episode was so over the top.  I had to pause the program half way and come back to it after a while.  I am glad that I did come back and watch the rest of the eleven part series.

I particularly enjoyed watching this drama because of the flying aspect.  I could identify with one of the characters' love of flying.  This will sound corny, but the show has motivated me to pursue a dream of mine - to become a private pilot.  This goal will take me a couple of years to achieve, but I really want to fly. 

As for the rest of the show, I found it to be endearing and Tarra enjoyed looking at the various JAL Cabin Attendant uniforms from JAL's past during the closing credits.  Here is a wiki page summarizing the show  As for finding the show, one can find the show on CrunchyRoll or via BitTorrent.


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