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Published 6/19/2008 by Theo Hua in General

So I've finally decided to start a new blog about my photography exploits and other adventures I choose to share. But I am discovering that what I want is not always what is available on the web for a decent price (read: free Laughing).

I currently have Community Server running at the root level of this domain (, but I find that it looks clunky and it makes a huge hit on my meager server resources.  So I am trying out BlogEngine and I am pretty happy with its performance and the clean look of the available themes.  But there are always more features that I would like.

For instance, I like photography.  I would like to share the photos with my friends and others who are interested.  As an aside, I hope the photos look okay.  I decided to use the Gallery control from Paul Tumelty.  That User Control had the features that I wanted and it is simple enought to use.  I would have love to have EXIF support like in the PhotoHandler control, but I will either have to figure that out on my own or wait for BlogEngine PhotoGallery Subsytem to be available.  Another issue is that I have Lightbox enabled here but apparently Lightbox does not render in FireFox.  So I guess I'm writing my own BlogEngine Extension to support SlimBox, a LightBox clone built on the MooTools SDK.  Apparently, SlimBox has more browser support.

Ugh, working on this site reminds me of my day job.  I resolve one issue only to find others that need attention. Yell

C'est la Vie.

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