Tonight, the final episode Stargate Atlantis will air on the SciFi channel.  I did enjoy the show during its five season run.  I hope that the direct to DVD movies and the next Stargate series, Stargate Universe, will do well. 

Hooray for my wife who bought me the first two seasons of Stargate Atlantis on DVD this past Christmas.  She knows me all too well. Smile

 I tried to vist Gateworld, the best place for Stargate news, but it would appear, all of the other fans are giving the web servers a run for their money. Frown

Cute lunches

Published 1/6/2009 by Theo Hua in Anime

Found this link via the Miyazaki Mailing List that I subscribe to.  The lunches remind me of "Chara-Ben", for Character Bento lunches that are found in Japan.!UeO

Happy New Year!

Published 1/5/2009 by Theo Hua in General

Happy New Year Everyone! 

Let's see if I can make a better effort to keep this blog updated! Laughing

Attention Please!

Published 8/13/2008 by Theo Hua in General

Attention Please! recounts the journey of a young tomboy, MISAKI Youko (played by UETO Aya), who strives to be a Cabin Attendant for Japan AirLines (JAL). Admittedly, I did not know if I could watch the show because the first episode was so over the top.  I had to pause the program half way and come back to it after a while.  I am glad that I did come back and watch the rest of the eleven part series.

I particularly enjoyed watching this drama because of the flying aspect.  I could identify with one of the characters' love of flying.  This will sound corny, but the show has motivated me to pursue a dream of mine - to become a private pilot.  This goal will take me a couple of years to achieve, but I really want to fly. 

As for the rest of the show, I found it to be endearing and Tarra enjoyed looking at the various JAL Cabin Attendant uniforms from JAL's past during the closing credits.  Here is a wiki page summarizing the show  As for finding the show, one can find the show on CrunchyRoll or via BitTorrent.


Still here...

Published 7/26/2008 by Theo Hua in Computing

So my ISP,, had it out with Verizon, the DSL backbone provider, over the past couple of days.  According to Avvanta, Verizon had a faulty DS3 card that needed replacement.

So I'm wondering what is a DS3 card?   So I popped the term into Live Search and found the Cisco documentation on replacing a DS3 I/O card.  The following figure is a what a DS3 I/O card looks like:

Cisco DS3 Card


I should say that I'm no network engineer, so please do not take the information here as being completely accurate. 

But if my research is accurate, oh the irony that a little 12 cm piece of fiberglass and resin would bring the network to its knees. Laughing

Week Off From School

Published 7/16/2008 by Theo Hua in General

Yay!  I have a short break from school.  I start up again next Tuesday, but I could use the break.  I was becoming a little singed on the edges from going non-stop with school for the past two years.Cry

This little reprieve should allow me to catch up on side projects and sleep! Cool

Our cat Pumpkin protecting our apartment from a raccoon. Laughing 

Subject line says it all.  Yell


Robot Girlfriend From Japan

Published 6/26/2008 by Theo Hua in Computing

Are PersoComs that far behind? Laughing


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